How To Win At Footsies

Footsies, Is it merely a romantic foot-cuddle?

A form of flirtation?

An expression of love between two love birds?


Footsies is a sport, and it requires preparation to be victorious. There’s no bigger turnoff than a feeble footsies opponent.

Today we’re going to teach you how to prevail in battle.

Mental Preparation

Would you just accidentally stumble into a thumb-war without being prepared? You would be immediately crushed. Treat the game of footsies with the prep it deserves and tread carefully.

Declare your intent

While footsies is an intense and fierce battle, there are still rules to abide by. Before you sucker-squish your opponent with your big toe, you must recieve an accepted invitation to battle.

Respect the game

It can be tempting to jump straight into the action, but battle can only begin once the ceremonial chant has been executed.

One Two Three Four, We shall toe-battle on the floor.

Wear the appropriate equipment

Nothing is worse than trying to get your index toe into half-guard and having your sweaty bare toe slide out into the dreaded side-control-crucifix position. You need to sport the proper equipment to prevent these slip’ups

Luckily, we got your back.

With our moisture wicking fabrics, reinforced heel and toe cushioning, you will be dressed for battle.

Good luck out there, it’s a struggle, but the satisfaction of beating your partner in a match will be worth the prep.

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